Floodplain Strategy

Flooding is a natural hazard in West Gippsland that can severely disrupt communities by causing injury, loss of life, property damage, personal hardship, and disruptions to regional economies.

The location, scale of effects and the probability of occurrence can be estimated with reasonable accuracy for a range of floods.

Understanding flood behaviour enables agencies and communities to assess the likely costs of flooding and the benefits of different options for managing the community’s exposure to flood risk.

The development of this Strategy has involved an assessment of flood risks across the region, resulting in a list of locations with significant flood risk, relative to other locations across Victoria.

Options for mitigating these flood risks were then investigated to produce a list of actions that the responsible agencies consider to be feasible over the term of the Strategy, subject to funding and further investigation. A set of possible mitigation actions was outlined in a draft Strategy on which public feedback was sought in May and June 2017.

Those actions were revised based on feedback received and prioritised into a Regional Work Program that will guide the implementation of the actions.

Useful links

East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority is preparing its own Floodplain Management Strategy. Feedback on this draft strategy has now closed. Visit their website for more information.

The State Government has developed the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy for the state. More information about this is available on the Department’s website.