Floods and the environment

Although floods can be destructive, they play an important role in waterway health…

Floods provide connectivity between bodies of water that would otherwise remain isolated allowing animals to move between them. Heavy rainfall provides breeding ques and habitat for fish and waterbirds and are an important part of the lifecycle for many aquatic animals. Important floodplain vegetation, such as river redgums, also rely on floods to survive. Floods replenish groundwater supplies and are particularly important for the lower Latrobe wetlands as they provide flushing flows, pushing saltwater out of the system.   

We undertake flood studies to help us understand flooding better and to improve land use planning and emergency response to floods.

Flood studies allow us to get more detailed information about flood behavior in a certain area.

We develop sophisticated computer models that incorporate local knowledge, anecdotal information and historical information to determine flood extents, depths and velocities for a variety of flood sizes.

After a study has been completed we have flood inundation maps and information that can be used by land planners, the community and emergency services staff.

Floodplain Management Strategy 2018-2027

Flood studies

Over the last decade, flood studies have been undertaken at the towns of Traralgon, Rosedale, Seaspray, Warragul, Yarragon, Trafalgar, Moe, Morwell, Sale and Tarwin Lower. Large parts of the flood plains of the Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister and Moe rivers have also had flood studies completed.

Final summary reports for the recently completed flood studies are now available.