My flood risk

Community Flood Portal

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a property in West Gippsland, or are curious about how floods across the catchment may affect you, then take a tour of our flood portal.

Being informed about how flood events affect you is a great way to make decisions about where you live or plan to live.

“The CMA is the go-to-for flood advice and flood mapping info,” says Penny Phillipson, WGCMA’S Manager – Statutory Planning. “And we are pleased to share all the publicly available information and mapping with you in one place. So, before you build or buy, check the portal.”

How to use and view the portal:

  • The instructions are a good starting point and will be handy to keep so you can navigate the portal.
  • We also have a short instructional video which you can find on our YouTube Channel here.
  • Log-into the portal and enter your selected address, to see if your property is flood prone.
  • We also maintain a large collection of flood information and provide advice on flooding, via our free flood advice service. Free advice can be requested by completing and submitting this flood advice request form.
Launch the Community Flood Portal

Preparing for an emergency

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VicSES), can help you to prepare for flooding at your property. You can access Local Flood Guides to help you better understand the flood risk in your town or catchment, and these resources will help you to create an Emergency Plan.

During a flood event the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), is the best place to keep up to date for all flood warning information and to view the available river and rainfall gauge data.

Planning property report

You can also generate a planning property report free of charge for any property in Victoria, which will tell you if your property has a flooding overlay.

Planning schemes

Flooding can affect your development plans. Flood related Overlays in your Council’s Local Planning Permit for buildings or works, including subdivision. Information about zones and overlays is available through the relevant Planning Scheme via Planning schemes online.