Episode 72: The secret language of estuaries
Published: 8 April 2024

A chat about estuaries on the shore of Powlett River/Kugerungmome with our Waterways Officer, Callum.

Our Waterways Officer, Callum Edwards, unlocks the language of estuaries and how we are working together to care for them. In this episode, Sally and Callum sit at the windy shore of Powlett River/Kugerungmome on Bunurong Country in South Gippsland and talk estuaries – what they are, the language around them and how we manage them.

About the podcast

About the podcast

Gippslandscapes is an occasional podcast, highlighting the many people doing great things caring for the environment and improving the landscapes of our region.  Whether they are farmers, “townies” involved in Landcare, or just someone with a passion to make the region a better place.

Each episode will feature one person or group and they are available wherever you get your podcasts. All episodes are archived on Zen-cast and Apple Podcasts.

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