Gippslandscapes archive 2022
Published: 19 December 2022

Gippslandscapes is an occasional podcast, highlighting the many people doing great things caring for the environment and improving the landscapes of our region.  Whether they are farmers, “townies” involved in Landcare, or just someone with a passion to make the region a better place.

Each episode will feature one person or group and they are available by clicking on the links below and are searchable wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 64: Adapting landscapes to meet demands of climate change

Episode 63: Award winning community wetlands – Heyfield

Episode 62: Happy birthday to us! 25 years of the WGCMA

Episode 61: The regeneration of the Callignee Landcare Group

Episode 60: Celebrating Rural Women

Episode 59: Duncan Fraser – Bell Bird Corner and a life in conservation

Episode 58: Gippsland Intrepid – Landcare for a new generation

Episode 57: Climate farming with Sandra Jefford

Episode 56: Reducing our own personal greenhouse footprint

Episode 55: Anne Davie OAM – a life in Landcare

Episode 54: Water is life! – Managing water so farmers, the environment and Traditional Owners get a share.

Episode 53: Meeting the demands of climate change and customer expectations while managing a sustainable beef business

Episode 52: Meeting Anna and Dani at the Bass Coast Landcare Indigenous Nursery.

Episode 51: Wading through the waters to find what’s happening below.

Episode 50: Restoring the Agnes River – a 20 year project with an end in sight.

Episode 49: Checking out the workhorses of the environment – Wetlands. As we celebrate World Wetlands Day on Feb 2.