Landcare Grants Open
Published: 9 April 2024

2024 Victorian Landcare Grants Open for West Gippsland

The Victorian Government is helping volunteer groups and networks protect and restore our precious environment.

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos today announced the opening of the 2024 Victorian Landcare Grants, with $3.55 million available to support volunteers in caring for the state’s landscapes and biodiversity.

The grants are open to environmental volunteer groups and networks, including Landcare groups and networks, Friends groups, Conservation Management Networks, Committees of Management, Coastcare groups and Aboriginal groups.

Project grants of up to $20,000 are available for on-ground works and community education projects focused on enhancing the natural environment, including native vegetation and wildlife, waterways and soils.

Support Grants of up to $500 are available to assist with administrative and operational expenses of groups and networks.

The grants will help achieve targets set in Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037, the Victorian Government’s 20-year plan to protect our environment and native species.

“Landcare has a long and proud history in West Gippsland,” said CEO of West Gippsland CMA, Martin Fuller. 

“In 2023 West Gippsland Landcare groups received funding of $365,118 for 24 projects and 37 support grants for initiatives such as Protecting Wonyip’s wonderful wildlife and Tanjil Valley Landcare Group Community Festival,”

The continued dedication to the environment of West Gippsland’s Landcare groups is inspiring. I’m really looking forward to see what projects will come out of the 2024 grant process.”   

Applications for the Victorian Landcare Grants will close on 30 April 2024.

2023 Landcare Grant Recipients Stories …

Protecting Wonyip’s wonderful wildlife

Wonyip Landcare Group was awarded a 2023 Victorian Landcare Grant for their planting project at Dingo Creek, a tributary of the Agnes River high up in South Gippsland’s Strzelecki Ranges.   

The goal is to create a safe passage for native fauna to move through while also improving the overall health of the local ecosystem.

“We hope to attract a range of native species from insects, reptiles, small mammals, birds and even owls – the whole food chain.  We’ll also be planting mountain grey gums to attract Strzelecki koalas, which have been seen around here,” said group member Russell Botton. Funding assisted the purchase of 500 seedlings, grown at the Yarram Yarram Landcare nursery, for volunteers to plant along the creek

Tanjil Valley Landcare Group Community Festival

Tanjil Valley Landcare Group received a 2023 Victorian Landcare Grant to hold a community festival celebrating the environment. The Tanjil Valley Community Festival in April aims to raise environmental awareness of all visitors through a range of engaging displays and activities while strengthening community ties.

Group member John Crosby said: “We will have a mixture of environmental activities and displays with local community groups providing support with food, activities and music etc. The festival will feature interactive wildlife displays, renewable energy displays, tree planting, Nature Play activities and an environmental treasure hunt. This event will raise the profile of our group and of the environment.”