Works on Waterways application form

If you are planning some works on a waterway…

We are here to help from a culvert to a dam, a works on waterways application needs to be submitted, forms are below.

Before completing a Works on Waterways application, please ensure you read the Guidelines for applying for a Works on Waterways permit and the specific notes for the proposed work type that you wish to undertake.

An application for a permit is required by West and East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, pursuant to Sections 160, 219 and 287ZC of the Water Act 1989 and by-laws No. 3 and 2014-1, Waterways Protection 2014.

  • The applicant must complete all details on this form, attach all required details, and ensure that all documents are signed where required.
  • A map of the site must be supplied with the application. This can be a screenshot from the WGCMA Flood Portal or other mapping application.
  • It would be useful to attach any photos, sketches or plans of the site to the application.

Submit the form as a hard copy or as an online form

Hard copy of form

You can use the Works on Waterways word document, or the Works on Waterways pdf document, if you would like to submit your form in hard copy.

Complete the form online

We suggest you use the Edge, Chrome or Firefox  browser  when completing this form. All fields marked with an * are required to be completed.

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